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  • Forskolin is the active ingredient found in Coleus forskohlii, shown in clinical studies to stimulate weight loss, suppress appetite and increase lean muscle mass.

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Read about the Clinical Study done on Forskolin Extract.

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What is Forskolin & How Does it Work?

Only a Quality Forskolin Will Help You Lose Weight.

Premium Forskolin ExtractOK, first things first- it is important to understand that not all Forskolin supplements are created equal. Only a high quality Forskolin extract is going to get you the results you are looking for. Specifically, the most effective Forskolin supplement is standardized to 20% and has at least 250mgs per serving (500mg per day) with no fillers, binders or additives.

Why 500mg of Forskolin daily? That is the result found most effective during the clinical study found in the Obesity journal. Anything less will have a reduced impact on your fat burning results.

What is Forskolin and how does it work? Forskolin is the active ingredient found in the roots of the herbal Coleus forskohlii plant, a member of the mint family. Coleus forskohlii can be found in the subtropical climates of India, Nepal and Thailand, and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Traditionally, it has been used to treat cardiovascular and respiratory disorders, glaucoma, cancer, abdominal pain and insomnia.

What is the Key to Losing Weight in Forskolin?

The key to weight loss, metabolic control and appetite suppression is Pure Forskolin Extract Standardized to a 20% Concentration, as found in supplements like Forskolin Premium.

Forskolin, the active ingredient found in Coleus forskohlii, is extracted from the roots of the plant. Research has documented the power Forskolin has on increasing enzyme activation to break down stored fat, control metabolism and suppress your appetite.

While many diet supplements exert only one effect on the body, Forskolin Premium™ sets itself apart as a dual-action solution that not only prevents weight gain, but also increases lean body mass.

Forskolin Helps Our Body Burn Fat

We store fat in unwanted places because of unused energy (calories) that is converted by enzymes into fatty deposits. To release energy and melt away fat, Forskolin starts a chain reaction by activating the adenylate cyclase enzyme.

This enzyme activation causes faster fat burning and makes us feel less hungry, all while increasing lean body mass. By taking Forskolin daily, we are melting away our belly fat and preventing the formation of new fat. All of this can be achieved without changing your daily diet or exercise routine.

What's the Science Behind Forskolin?

And Does it Really Work?

Forskolin Weight Loss WorksForskolin is safe to take and has been proven effective in clinical studies. However, some manufactures develop an inferior product that reduces the effectiveness Forskolin has on your fat loss goals.

A widely reviewed clinical study of Forskolin was published in Obesity journal, where they researched the effect of 500mg of Forskolin on fat loss. The clinical trial supports the positive effect that Forskolin has on the breakdown of stored fats. You can see the full clinical study by Clicking here.

So, to recap, a premium quality Forskolin product works to activate the adenylate cyclase enzyme, which creates a chain reaction that speeds up weight loss and builds up lean body mass. This enzyme activation also quickens the metabolism and makes us feel less hungry.

Forskolin is the ultimate extract to help you lose those extra stubborn pounds. It has been all over the news for a reason. But, make sure you only buy a premium Forskolin product that will actually help you lose weight, not just some powder in a pill.

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